COMMOBUY is a multi-sided platform connecting petrochemical suppliers, logistics companies, and customers. Our goal is to assist petrochemical customers in sourcing products globally while managing the entire procurement process at a competitive price. Simultaneously, we aim to assist petrochemical manufacturers and suppliers in finding international customers and reducing their marketing and sales expenses.

COMMOBUY offers two levels of service for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the petrochemical industry: a sourcing service and an end-to-end procurement service.

The sourcing service allows customers to access international suppliers and find the products they need within their budget, with a straightforward flat subscription fee.

With the end-to-end procurement service, COMMOBUY manages the entire procurement process, from the moment you place your order to the delivery of the product. You can also manage lead times and logistics of the product through the platform.

Right now, we are working on our databases. If you are a petrochemical supplier or customer, please leave your e-mail for updates.

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How Can Commobuy
Help You And
Your Business

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How Can Commobuy Help You And Your Business

Finding the right Products

COMMOBUY provides databases of petrochemical manufacturers and suppliers all over the world. As a petrochemical customer, you can search for various products in different locations and access their datasheets. Please Click Here if you are a petrochemical supplier but not in our database.

Finding the right price

COMMOBUY connects you to international suppliers and manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Petrochemical customers can search, find and compare the prices to find the most competitive price.


Buying at the right time

COMMOBUY platform enables you to manage the lead times and delivery times. COMMOBUY facilitates your procurement management and matches your production schedule. Your supply chain doesn't have to be lean or agile; we can help you.

Deliver your products to the right place

We are partnering with international logistic companies; you can source your product anywhere in the world and use our logistic companies partners to deliver them to you.

Our Blog

Our blog is the ultimate destination for professionals who want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, insights, and best practices in the petrochemicals procurement and supply chain field.

We offer a wide range of articles, white papers, and case studies that cover everything from procurement strategies and supply chain optimization to supplier management and risk mitigation. Check it out today and take your procurement and supply chain skills to the next level!

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Our Team

Farid Reza

Chief Executive Officer – CEO


Chief Operations Officer – COO

Zahra Mohammadian

Chief Finance Officer – CFO


Chief Marketing Officer – CMO


Chief Sales Officer – CSO

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