Sourcing the product globally and managing the end-to-end procurement process.


Sourcing Service:

You can access international suppliers to find the right products within your budget and schedule.
You can search and find petrochemicals suppliers and manufacturers and their offers on our database. We are using big data technology to find and list the suppliers and their products on our website, so the database is updating itself at every moment. Our goal is to create a live and updated database of every petrochemical product, supplier, and manufacturer and make sourcing as easy as possible for you.
You can search based on location, product, product specification, supplier, manufacturer, and other search options.
You can find the supplier's location, contact info and products datasheets on our database.

You can use our service to analyse the supply point in your supply chain and manage it from sourcing and ordering raw materials to delivery. We are using technology to decrease the raw material cost for your business.

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End to End Service (Coming Soon):

Search And Find Petrochemical Products And Suppliers.